Righteous God

Righteous God,

Where are you?

Are you real, or just a lie?

Righteous God,

Are you listening
To a siren’s cry and sighs?

Righteous God,

Can you see me

Hanging barely from a wire?

Righteous God,

Will you catch me

Landing on a funeral pyre?


And I…behave

But I’m…afraid


Satan’s here

And he taunts me

Says you never show your face

Satan’s here

And he knows just

How to make me fall from grace

Satan’s here

He walks with me
Abomination held so dear

Satan’s here

And he’s taught me

How to live and thrive in fear


And I…believe

But I’m…deceived


Righteous God,

Am I dying?

Or is everybody else?

Righteous God,

Can he hear me,

Stuck as ashes on a shelf?

Righteous God,

I am left here

With all this anger, pain, and strife

Righteous God,

He is gone now,

What is death without a life?


And I…am saved

But I’m…enraged


Satan’s here

He lays beside me

Like the back end of a spoon

Satan’s here

I’m still alive but

I know my light is ending soon

Satan’s here

And we’re laughing

Higher than a kite in flight

Satan’s here

His warmth engulfs me

So this is what addiction’s like


And I…see flames

But I…remain


Remain (x4)

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©2017 by Dori Cameron.