Come What May

I packed up my belongings 

And went to live beside the sea

I found my way out West

And to a new reality


I walked upon the water

My eyes fell upon the sand

Naivety consumed me

And I almost took his hand


Each wave a madness, beckoning 

And calling me to shore 

To dance among the demons

Sprawled across the ocean floor 


I've mastered it, this drowning 

Washing up onto the beach

My life was flashing through me

And my hands, just out of reach


My arms are marked with stories

Now they're thrashing to and fro

This journey nearly ended me

But now I clearly know


I'll be back someday 

Come what may (x4)


The East Coast was my lover

And I went running back

To three rivers flowing, welcoming

To get my life on track


Marching to a great height 

Only to, in darkness, fall

Will I be seen a hero

Or should I escape them all?


My skin drops away in layers

Lies in piles on the ground

A shell of my old self

For I am lost, but never found


My best friend is Silence

My worst enemy, my mind

Who accepts the challenge of

The horrors left inside?


A master of disguise

You cannot see which mask wears me

My past in every street light 

My two choices, fight or flee


I'll be on my way 

Come what may (x4)

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©2017 by Dori Cameron.